Do Incentives Impact Behavior Change? Dr. Kevin Volpp Explains.

Many of the previous guests on the GHIGB show have stated that incentives are great for getting engagement; but not so good for achieving behavior change. Dr. Kevin Volpp, Director of the Center for Health Incentives, (, focuses his research on the impact of financial and organizational incentives on health outcomes.   Dr. Volpp discusses a recent intervention study on financial incentives and smoking cessation among employees at General Electric in which the results identified a tripling of the long-term smoking cessation rates.  To hear what was unique in making this approach so successful and to hear the entire interview, click on this link:  Good Health 07202010 Interview.MP3.

The hosts also asked Kevin what he found as the most successful engagement strategy to get members to participate in health and wellnes programs.  Click on this link to hear his enlightening response:  Good Health 07202010 Engagement.MP3.