A Community Cares and Strives to make the Residents Healthier!

Dr. Jim Baker

In 2008, the Muskogee, OK city council appointed a standing committee to promote healthy lifestyles among the citizens of Muskogee. The group’s mission is to create a healthier community where residents choose to change and lead overall healthier lifestyles by eating better, moving more, and being tobacco free.

Joining the show to explain their Wellness Initiative were Greg Buckley, Muskogee City Manager, and Dr. Jim Baker, Chairman of the wellness director and Medical Director of Care ATC. Our guests described how the intiative got started; as well as some of the successful activities to-date, such as: Farmers’ Market events, community gardens, seminars/classes/demonstrations, and partnerships with local fitness and sports centers. To hear all of the interview and learn what’s next for the City’s initiative, click on this link:  Good Health 01182011 Interview.MP3.

The hosts also asked Greg and Dr. Baker what they felt to be the most successful engagement strategy to get individuals to participate in health and wellness programs. To hear their unique response, click on this link:  Good Health 01182011 Engagement.MP3.